Goodbye Sandfly Bug Repellent + Bite Soother

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纽西兰连续五年销售第一纯天然防蚊油, 信心之选!

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Goodbye Sandfly Bug Repellent + Bite Soother

Goodbye Sandfly is a natural bug repellent & bite soother based in New Zealand.  It is the #1 selling natural repellent there, and has been since 2010! 

It is made of essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine, Manuka, Tea Tree and Lemongrass in a base of expeller pressed Sweet Almond Oil. We use True Blue Organics Tea Tree oil, distilled in Karamea; the best!  Wild manuka from the East Cape of New Zealand.  The unique combination of oils makes an amazing oil with both bug repelling and skin healing properties.


Safe & Soothing

Goodbye Sandfly is safe for a wide range of people, including during pregnancy and for children.
We have blended the essential oils at a rate of 2.2%.  As using essential oils at higher doses increases the risk of skin sensitization, we chose the lowest effective concentration so that it can be used everyday.

Sweet Almond oil has long been prized as a natural emollient, meaning it soothes and softens the skin. It is absorbed by the skin easily, allowing the skin to benefit from the nutrients in the oil, especially vitamin E.

Before First Use

A very few people may find one of the essential oils sensitizes the skin, or be unable to use the product due to a nut allergy. We suggest patch testing on the inside of the elbow before first use. If any irritation or rash develops, wash the product from the skin and discontinue use.

The essential oils do not make the skin photosensitive, ie more inclined to sunburn, and the almond oil adds a natural SPF of 2. Product can be used in conjunction with a sunscreen.


How to Use Goodbye Sandfly

Goodbye Sandfly works, but it works differently than a chemical repellent. It helps to know a few things about getting the most from the product. For a good summary of product information you can also see Questions & Answers.

60 seconds

It can take up to 60 seconds for the heat of your skin to begin evaporating the oils to create a zone that sandflies do not like. 60 seconds is a long time if sandflies are hassling you. Resist the urge to borrow a friend’s chemical repellent in that first minute.


Near the end of essential oil evaporation, sandflies may again begin to land on your skin, but will not bite. This is your signal to reapply. Frequent application of small amounts of Goodbye Sandfly provides the best protection from sandflies and mosquitoes.

Depending upon the severity of the sandflies and a variety of weather and activity factors this may be as often as every 20 minutes, but most often every hour or two. If you are staying mostly covered (preferable light coloured clothing), and using Goodbye Sandfly solely for forearms, hands and face, our 40mls bottle, which is pocket-sized and leakproof, will easily last a week of use. For more on clothing visit Ideas for Managing.

Treat Bites Fast

Goodbye Sandfly also has soothing and antibacterial actions which help the skin heal bites without itching or blemishes. We have noticed that the sandfly bite response is less when product is applied within the first few minutes of being bitten. Re-apply as needed to soothe itching. See our bites page for more natural remedies ideas.

Babies & Children

Babies and Children can be mostly covered so that very little product is needed.We can’t tell you when it is absolutely safe to use this product on yourself or your child. Plant oils, while natural, are very powerful. Anyone can be sensitive to any essential oil. We recommend introducing the product slowly with patch testing on the inside of the elbow. If any redness or patchiness develops on the skin, please wash product off with a warm cloth and mild soap, and discontinue use.

Any product that you put on hands or face can possibly end up in eyes or mouth. Goodbye Sandfly can be eaten, it doesn’t even taste too bad. If it gets into the eyes there is a little bit of stinging. You can use a warm damp cloth to gently wash the eyes and the impact is quickly reduced.

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